미국 #13 : PIER

GNUNIX 2010. 12. 23. 04:30

Weather is not good.

land is wet.

i;m in fishermans wharf.
피셔맨 워프

there is many hills in USA.
but not korea.
maybe they try to keep nature like this hills.
not korea.

i can see street musition at there.
instrument was junk. but they are best player.

we visit bread shop and have lunch with some beer.
minji said it's very famous bread shop.

it looks normal.
soup was delicious.

i take her many times. and send to her thought kakao.


it just beer.
Lowres request to me. one beer bottle. only bottle, not beer.

this is film.
she looks 시크.

there is big tree.
and many people.
so it make too hard to take pic.

there is only commercial shop.
i think there is no thing to see.

i remember she said that island is jail.

this is last pic.
there is one thing to see.

sea lion.(물개)

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