The Ugly Truth (2009)

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[Abby(Katherine Heigl)]

men are completely unreliable.


You think you know what men
are gonna do, you think you know...

...what men want to do.

But when it comes down
to that moment...

...where they actually need to step up
and, I don't know, make a move...

...they chicken out.

The big, strong, brave men
that we've all been reading about...

...in novels and watching in movies
since we were 9 years old...

...that's a fallacy. They don't exist.

Men are not strong.
Men are not brave.

Men are afraid.

...men are incapable of copping to it.

Because why?

Men are weak.



[Mike(Gerard Butler)]

Woman would have us believe...

...that they are the victims.
That we break their hearts for sport.

That's crap.

They say they want true love,
but all they want is a checklist.

Is he perfect? Is he handsome?
Is he a doctor?

For you men who fit the criteria...

...don't kid yourselves,
they're not sleeping with you.

They're sleeping with a carefully
calculated set of venal choices.

Money over substance,
looks over soul.

Polish over principles.

No gesture,
no matter how real or romantic...

...will ever compensate for a really
impressive list of credentials.



[Abby(Katherine Heigl)]

남자는 정말 믿을수 없는 존재입니다.

당신들은 남자가 뭘 할껀지
뭘 원하는건지 알고계시나요?

바로 결정적인 순간에,
한 단계 더 올라가야 될 순간,,

그러니깐 좀더 상대방에게
한발짝 나아가야될 순간에


9살때부터 책이니
영화니에서 봐왔던

크고 강하고 용감한
남자들은 모두..

그들은 존재하지 않아요

남자는 강하지도
용감하지도 않아요


남자들은 그걸 잡을
용기조차도 없어요


약한 동물이거든요

[Mike(Gerard Butler)]

여자는 자기들이

말하죠. 그녀들의 사랑을
갖고놀다 버리기도 한다고요


그녀들은 진실한 사랑을 원한다고 하지만
진짜 원는건 조건목록이예요

완벽한지, 잘생겻는지,

이 조건에 맞는

속임수에 넘어가지마세요
그들은 당신이랑 자는게 아닙니다

신중하게 계산된 당신의
조건들과 자는겁니다

성품보다는 돈.
내면보다는 외면


아무리 진심이고
낭만적인 행동도

그런 화려한 조건목록에
충족되지 않을껍니다




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